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What Is Econo Maxx?

The Econo Maxx is an air accelerator constructed of high grade automotive polyurethane. It combines two scientific principles; the Vortex and Venture to achieve Bernoulli's Law.

Non-moving fins spiral as the diameter decreases. The resulting whirling effect produces a better air-fuel mixture, improves air flow, decreases emissions, increases horsepower and torque.

Many satisifed users have reported fuel savings of 10-25% or an extra 75-100 km on a full tank of fuel.

For best results, 2-3 tanks of fuel should be consumed. This aids in the removal of carbon deposits and allows for higher engine performance.

Where Did The Idea Come From?

Like most performance parts, the Econo Maxx came from racing. It began with a 1976 fuel-injected drag car. While others were using blowers, superchargers or turbos to increase performance, the inventor discovered that by combingin a Vortex with a venture he achieved the desired effect. Increased horsepoer, imporved time trials and a surprising fuel savings.

Driving 1300 km weekly, he wondered if his invention would have similar results with his daily driver. Incredibly a gain of almost 200 kim per tank of fuel was achieved... hence The Econo Maxx.

The Environmental Benefits

According to Statistics Canada, in Ontario alone there are over 7 million light duty road motor vehicles registered. Vehicle emission reports have indicated that the use of The Econo Maxx aids in reducing the output of both CO and HC emissions by more than 20% or the equivalent of one tonne. In Ontario by using this technology we would reduce harmful emissions by an estimated 7 million tonnes, reduce fuel consumptiaon and ease the demand on fossil fuels. Imagine what air could be spared if all Canadians used The Econo Maxx.